Offshore Kayak Fishing Book by Scott Hunter

Purchase online here OFFSHORE KAYAK FISHING BOOK Purchase online here OFFSHORE KAYAK FISHING BOOK About time! Thats what I thought when I heard that there was now a comprehensive book available for Kayak Fishing in Southern Africa. To you and me that means for your East Coast and Mozambique game fishing you now have a

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GoPro Hero Action Camera Mountings for Kayak & Jetskis

There is a demand here in South Africa and Mozambique to manufacture, purchase, beg, steel, borrow a suitable mounting for filming your latest and greatest fish encounters. For me the standard mountings are just not suitable for the extreme Kayak & Jetski fishing that we are involved in. Usually the mounting are too low and

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Kayak Finance for the Stealth range of Kayaks

Stealth, Profisha, 575, Fishing Kayak, Durban, South Africa,

Yes thats right we can now offer you a finance deal on your new Fishing Kayak purchase. Just simply contact us and we will give you the full details. The minimum price is R10,000 to qualify and you can repay over 1, 2, or 3, years. Contact us here

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