Welcome to the wonderful world of kayak fishing

Kayak Finance for the Stealth range of Kayaks

Stealth, Profisha, 575, Fishing Kayak, Durban, South Africa,
Stealth, Evolution Duo, Fishing Kayak, Fishingski, Fishingski, Durban, South Africa,

Stealth Evolution Duo

Yes thats right we can now offer you a finance deal on your new Fishing Kayak purchase. Just simply contact us and we will give you the full details. The minimum price is R10,000 to qualify and you can repay over 1, 2, or 3, years. Contact us here   http://kayakfishingsa.co.za/pages/contact-us

Stealth, Profisha, 575, Fishing Kayak, Durban, South Africa,

Stealth Profisha 575 Fishing Kayak

Stealth, Evolution 495,Fishing, Kayak,

Stealth Evolution 495

Stealth, Supalite X, 2010, KAyak Fishing, Fishingski, ski,

Stealth Supalite X 2010

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