Nocqua Pro Power Waterproof Lithium Batteries

Nocqua 10amp Lithium Waterproof Battery Pack

Nocqua Pro Power Waterproof Lithium Batteries Wow thats a mouth full!!!! So what does it mean? Lets break it down… Who are Nocqua? Nocqua Power are American company who specialise in lighting. In fact Underwater Lighting. This is where the requirement came for a long lasting Waterproof Battery. Will you remember the name? Yes Im […]

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Deeper Smart FishFinder South Africa

Deeper, Fishfinder, Smart, Fish, Finder, South Africa

Deeper Smart Fish Finder South Africa USE NEW DEEPER 3 New Deeper 3 Smart Fish Finder Buy online here Recently introduced into the South African marketplace is the Deeper Smart Fish Finder. I have first came across these units in October 2014. I’m very interested in testing one of these units and await a […]

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Fitting a Fish Finder or GPS combo unit to a fibreglass Kayak

Lowrance Hook 4 South Africa Kayak Jetski

This article is designed to assist a Kayak Angler fit a Fishfinder to a fibreglass Kayak. Models include Stealth Supalite, Supalite X, BFS, ProFisha, 465, 495, 525, Evolution 465, 495, Pinnacle, Pinnacle Elite, and Erics Gt and Tunny range of Fishingskis. I am situated in South Africa however the same applies to any fibreglass Fishing […]

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