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Choosing A Kayak Fishing Trolling Rod

Kayak Fishing Rods

Kayak Fishing Rods

Choosing a Kayak Fishing Trolling Rod

It would be great if when asked “Which is the best Kayak Fishing Rod” I could just give an answer quickly. The truth of the matter is that I cannot without first establishing what your requirements are. For a beginner it’s a bit easier as a beginner will ask “How much” and his or her decision will usually be based on price alone. Like most things in life however you get what you pay for. That’s not to say you won’t be able to find a Kayak Fishing Rod for a very reasonable price indeed compared to other forms of Angling. In fact one area of my Kayak Fishing I don’t spend too much money on is Trolling Rods and the one I have chosen in the past have served me well for years and landed many fish. So let’s begin with a few pointers on choosing a Trolling Rod.

What fish are you targeting?

Natal Snoek (Queen Mackerel) this is important for a few reasons. If you are targeting Natal Snoek and fishing mostly the backline area you would want to look at a 6kg to 8kg rated Rod or a 9kg to 12kg rated Rod. These types of Rods need to be quite soft and have a progressive through type action. Which basically means it will bend all the way through the Rod. This is important as the type of fish you are targeting are not particularly strong fighters, however they may make long runs with a quick turn of direction and if your Rod is too stiff you will end up losing the fish. This is particularly important when the fish is near your Kayak and the fish suddenly decides to make a run for it when you least expect it.

Couta (King Mackerel) If you are targeting Couta you would need to look at a 12kg to 15 kg rated Rod with the same attributes as required in the Snoek Rod however you will be primarily targeting larger fish. Again the Rod would need to be a through action Rod for when the fish initially takes the bait it will run off at high speed.

Tuna Another popular method of fishing on a Kayak is targeting the Yellow Fin Tuna often called a “Tunny” or “Gas Bottle”. The population of Yellow Fin Tuna has exploded and they are caught everywhere along the East Coast of Africa from Cape Town to Mozambique. These delicious tasting predators will give you a real fight, and if you want to target them you are going to require a much stiffer Rod so that when they go down deep during the fight you have a Rod with some back bone to pull them back up. The Sharks are also very fond of a Tuna or two so you will also need to pull them away from the Sharks.

So in summary these are a few of the Rods I would recommend for Trolling from a Kayak and why I would recommend them.

Manufacturer Size Model Weight
Kingfisher 6’6″ Poseidon Paddle Pro (1) 12kg-15kg
Kingfisher  7′ Poseidon Bonito (2) 12kg-15kg
Elbe 6’6″ Ski Pro  12kg-15kg
Elbe  6’6″  Snoek  9kg-12kg
Shimano  7′ Beastmaster BT Boat MH or M 12kg- 5kg
Shimano  Teravala 7″ Trolling MH 12kg-15kg

(1) If you are targeting small Couta and occasionally Snoek I would recommend the Poseidon Paddle Pro. This Rod has a great Slow tapered action and bends right from the Rod tip to the butt. It bends so much that on a good sized fish this line actually runs on the E.V.A. foam handle. I would not recommend this Rod however for tuna. TESTED BY CODFATHER. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.

(2) A very good all round rod for Kayak Fishing is the Poseidon Bonito. This is basically an upgraded paddle pro Rod with a stronger back bone for landing those quality fish. TESTED BY CODFATHER. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED.






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