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Choosing The Colour Of a Fishing Kayak

Kayak Colour Choices
Kayak Colour Choices

Kayak Colour Choices

Choosing the colour of your new Fishing Kayak is and exciting time and all sorts of thoughts will be going through your mind. Shall I choose my favourite colour? Shall I choose the same colour as my previous Kayak? Shall I choose the same cour as my mates Kayak? The latest craze? My country’s flag colours? My soccer team colours? Rugby Team colours? Reggae colours? Contrasting colours? Well all of the above mentioned colours would be great ideas for a Fishing Kayak, however for me I have a different idea which is safety. Colours that contrast well against the sea are my preferential choice when it comes to purchasing a new Fishing Kayak. Examples that show up well are Yellow, Orange, you know the fluorescent type of colours. Remember also that when the sea is rough it turns white, not the blue or green colour we are used to seeing. So dark colours are also safer colours to choose. Whichever colour you choose for your new Fishing Kayak I hope you enjoy it for years and catch lots of fish. Codfather. ps Remember we offer a range of Kayak Fishing, Paddling and Safety Courses down in Durban and Durban South Coast.



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