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Nocqua Pro Power Waterproof Lithium Batteries

Nocqua 10amp Lithium Waterproof Battery Pack

Nocqua Pro Power Waterproof Lithium Batteries

Wow thats a mouth full!!!! So what does it mean? Lets break it down…

Who are Nocqua? Nocqua Power are American company who specialise in lighting. In fact Underwater Lighting. This is where the requirement came for a long lasting Waterproof Battery.

Will you remember the name? Yes Im sure we will remember the name as this is a very high quality product and a product which we (Kayak Anglers) have a huge demand for.

What is a Pro Power Waterproof Lithium Battery? They say good things often come in small packages. Well this is certainly a good thing! These Batteries are very high quality and will exceed all your Kayak Fishing power requirements.

Why would you want a Nocqua Battery? Firstly you will need power for your Fish Finder or GPS unit and as technology increases so has the demand for more power increased. Lead Acid Batteries are simply physically too large for a Kayak now.

Why are they expensive? These little power packs are designed with Lithium Batteries so they last the distance…I knnow I use them and highly recommend Nocqua Batteries.

Have they been tested? Yes I have tested them now extensively (Feb 2018) As with all electronics however make sure the terminals do not come into contact with salt water as it will burn out or corrode your terminals.

What were the results? These and many more questions will be answered in the next edition of Go Fish Magazine.

For now if you want to buy a High Powered Lithium Kayak Fishing Battery one just go here…… KAYAK FISHING BATTERY

In summary no more running out of Battery Power for your Fish Finder, GPS, and Live Bait Wells.

Buy Noqua Batteries here NOCQUA PRO POWER


UPDATE If you use a Live Bait Well mnake sure you use a Y Nocqua Y Connector Connector  and an On / Off Nocqua On Off Switchswitch  otherwise you will have to connect and disconnect your connections to turn the Livebait Well on and off.

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