Legend Nessy Kayak Plastic

R999,568.00 R8,995.00


Legend Nessy Kayak Plastic

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R999,568.00 R8,995.00


Nessy, Double, Kayak, Hunterski, Hunter Ski, South Africa,

The Nessy Double Plastic Roto Moulded Kayak made by Hunterski is now available in South Africa

The all new Hunterski Nessy…..Made in South Africa

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Weight 27 kg
Dimensions 3.73 cm

1 review for Legend Nessy Kayak Plastic

  1. codfather

    We tested this new South African manufactured Kayak in December and I have to say that if you require a Kayak for your family to use in the rivers and dams this is a super stable and extremely Proudly South African manufactured Kayak. Over 60 units sold in the first few weeks!!!

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