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Wavemaster Fishing Kayak Fish & have fun
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Wavemaster Fishing Kayaks Sizes


The Wavemaster Kayak Fishing Ski

is second to none when it comes to surf handling. Extremely stable and untouchable in and out the surf zone.
There are three models to choose in the Wavemaster range The Wavemaster “Dolphin” The Wavemaster “Orca” & The Wavemaster “Whale.

The difference between the models is the rear of the craft is raised to allow for the extra weight and keeps the craft higher out of the water. The most popular model is the Orca. The Wavemaster Fishing Kayak evolved from the extensive use of the Rescue Craft as a fishing vessel by the pioneers of kayak fishing. Keeping the maneuverable and stable hull of the rescue craft, the top deck was modified to cater for fishermen. A large fish and gear hatch, dry hatches, rod holders, extra fittings, and unbelievable surf handling and wave riding makes for the ideal Kayak Fishing Ski. Available in three different models according to paddler weight.



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