Deeper Smart Fishfinder 3.0..The ideal Fish Finder for your Kayak

Deeper Smarter Pro + Fishfinder Kayak Fish Finder

Deeper Smart Fishfinder 3.0 …..The ideal Fish Finder for your Kayak Order online here Deeper Smart Fishfinder 3.0 can be cast to any spot in the water. It floats on the water surface and transmits detailed bottom and water column information – depth, bottom structure, temperature, vegetation, fish location and other valuable fishing features straight

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Fitting a Fish Finder or GPS combo unit to a fibreglass Kayak

Lowrance Hook 4 South Africa Kayak Jetski

This article is designed to assist a Kayak Angler fit a Fishfinder to a fibreglass Kayak. Models include Stealth Supalite, Supalite X, BFS, ProFisha, 465, 495, 525, Evolution 465, 495, Pinnacle, Pinnacle Elite, and Erics Gt and Tunny range of Fishingskis. I am situated in South Africa however the same applies to any fibreglass Fishing

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Lowrance Elite 4 HDI Kayak Fish Finder GPS Special Offer

Lowrance, Elite 4 HDI, Sonar, Fish Finder,

HDI Kayak Fish Finder GPS Special Offer Lowrance Elite 4 HDI price reduced to R4995…This is your chance to get your hands on a small compact unit that is perfect for Kayak Fishing in South Africa. This technolgy was very expensive a few years ago and now is available at a substantially reduced price. In

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