Nessy, Double, Kayak, Hunterski, Hunter Ski, South Africa,

The Nessy….Brand new just arrived in South Africa the Nessy Double Plastic Kayak. Ideal for families to use in dams, lagoons, and the surf zone. We can also rig this Kayak for fishing which includes the addition of buoyancy and rod holders and maybe a fish bag. Contact us for further details. Purchase the Nessy here Nessy

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Kayak Construction Stealth Pro Fisha Range

Stealth ProFisha CAD design

The construction process used in the manufacturing of the Stealth Fishing Kayak range has changed dramatically in the 10 years that I have been selling and paddling this market leading range of world class Fishing Kayaks. Of course it has change for the better, thats what you have to do when you are a manufacturer

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